Catholic Marriage

Fully Engaged:

A pre-marriage catechetical inventory that can be used with any other pre-marriage program. Fully Engaged adds another layer of catechesis by training facilitators who in turn meet with engaged couples as they work through the Fully Engaged workbook, addressing areas of needed growth and strengths from the printed results of their inventory.

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Banquet of Love:

Using the Mass as a model for married life, this program provides practical skills for bringing home the riches of the Eucharist. The DVD was filmed live during a Eucharistic Marriage weekend retreat. Together with the workbook, it’s ideal for personal use (for marriage strengthening) or parish use (to become a marriage-building parish).

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Adults at All Stages

A New Day in Christ Workbook

How to Calm Stress and Anxiety in Twenty Minutes a Day. A 96-page workbook designed to help individuals or families lower their stress and live in abundant peace. The workbook includes an exclusive pre-and post “Stress Snapshot Questionnaire” to measure the effectiveness of the material and the reader’s progress.

Catholic Parenting

The Daily Dozen of Catholic Parenting Workbook

A Catholic curriculum used by churches to teach parents specific attitudes and actions that help their parenting thrive. Deeply rooted in Catholic theology, this workbook also includes 21st century brain biology and equips Catholic parents to raise up the next generation of saints. A perfect catechetical companion for parents of children receiving Baptism, First Eucharist, or Confirmation.

Preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist

An at-home workbook that parents complete with their children. Each chapter engages children at their level while providing solid sacramental catechesis. The book includes a family prayer section as well as follow-up letters (or emails) that the families receive from the parish after the children receive First Eucharist.


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